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Why we sold our house and what now?!

Soooo you might have heard or saw the ridiculous break up music video announcing that we sold our house! And lots of good questions came up. I'll try to answer some reoccurring questions.

1) Why are you selling your house?

A lot of people are asking why we sold our house when we put so much work and time in it. And you're right, we redesigned and renovated this entire home to our liking. We're proud of it and we love it. So why move?

To answer that question I would have to give you a brief history on why we bought this house in the first place. This isn't the first time we tried to sell our home, in fact, we announced it here a few years ago. It didn't work out and we enjoyed thekwendyhome 2.0 for awhile longer.

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

Looking back, my husband and I made some huge life changing decisions right after we lost his mom. She had a long battle with cancer. We were grieving, hurt, and suffering from PTSD.

We wanted a distraction and we wanted to leave everything behind. Including her house, our house, the car, basically everything. We contemplated moving to another country for awhile.

Then we bought this house. It was a reset button we pressed. A project that we threw ourselves in and also signified a new chapter in our lives. It's been about three years since she passed. And we have done a lot of emotional healing.

I refaced this fireplace myself! 📷: Janet Kwan

thekwendyhome 2.0 came into our lives when we needed her most. We knew she wasn't going to be our forever home. But we loved her very much. We bought her for the purposes of remodelling and to get a fresh start from it all, a distraction if you will. And now we're done, she's served her purpose, so it's time to move on.

We want to buy the next house without the reminder of grief as the sole purpose for moving. I hope that makes sense. It's deeply personal, deeply emotional and may not make sense to some. And that's ok. We're doing this for us.

2) Where are you moving?

That, my friend, is a question we're asking ourselves too! We know we want to be around the area so we're still going to be in the city because that's where our family, friends, and church community are. So we won't be far.

I'm going to miss the sunroom the most. 📷: Janet Kwan

We JUST started house hunting. The market here in Toronto, Ontario is crazy! Things get snagged really quickly so pray for us!

3) What are you looking for in thekwendyhome 3.0?

Location: Gotta be close to family and friends. Not on a main street (that is K's big thing.)

Light: Ideally it would be a south / west facing house. A lot of natural sunlight is important to me.

Good bones: A home with potential for us to do this all over again. I'm glutton for punishment when it comes to home renovations.

Size: Nothing too big but enough for us to host 30 people comfortably. We don't mind it being a tight squeeze but we are big on hosting. (Like every week. We're those people. lol)

Other than that, we're pretty open minded! But I think our list already narrows things down quite a bit I suppose haha!

Look at the light! 📷: Janet Kwan

4) What now?

Right now, we pray that God will lead us to our next home. We trust in his timing and he's never lead us wrong. Who knows what will happen? Maybe we'll have to rent for a bit, or we find our forever home, or maybe we find a home sweet home for now.

We'll miss thekwendyhome 2.0 📷: Janet Kwan

Either way, it's going to be an adventure that WE get to take together. I can't wait to bring you along our house hunting journey in search of our next abode.

Thanks for reading and for cheering us on in this process. I appreciate you and I hope you know that.



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