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Why I Became a Flight Attendant

To make this post a little more succinct and easier to read because let's be real, my style of blogging is like a stream of consciousness, I'm going to section this blog post into who, what, where, when, and why I became a flight attendant. I apologize in advance for the run on sentences because it's going to be everywhere in this blog post.


I never thought flight attending would be a viable career until in grade 8, when our teacher asked us to stand up, introduce ourselves to the class and state what we wanted to be when we grew up.

A super popular girl in my class said that she wanted to be a flight attendant. She put this job on the map for me. So thank you Carolee if you ever read this. I feel like I borrowed her dream because I stood up and said I wanted to be a teacher. I wonder if she's a teacher now and we swapped dreams.


I never knew I had what it takes to be a flight attendant. Mostly because I'm short. Like 5 feet one and a half inches tall short. But guess what! It turns out it didn't matter! If you want to read more of what it takes to be a flight attendant I actually dedicated an entire blog post about it here.

Spoiler alert, it didn't matter that I was short.


I'm not going to divulge where I work, or my airline. But let's put it this way, it's a Canadian airline that has a base in Toronto. That eliminates a couple hundred airlines. There are over five thousand airlines in the world so I really narrowed it down for you guys.

I don't tell you where I work because I share stories about my work and I don't want to get in trouble. You know the drill. Especially these days. You can get in trouble for anything.

But, if you ever see me at the airport, give me a holla! Remember to tell me how we know each other though! Don't be a stranger.


I started working in the airline industries right after I graduated! To be more precise, I graduated in April, did my jaunt around Asia for my grad trip, came back and I needed to pay the bills! Five years of schooling racked up quite a bit. The clock was ticking and the interest was piling. Adulting sucks.

I officially applied in the summer of 2010, got accepted in October and started training in December. It took so long just to start getting paid. This dream ain't cheap man! But I'll be talking about this part in detail on another blog post.


I actually pursued my dream to become a high school teacher. But when I graduated there was an overwhelming amount of us with this degree, roaming the streets and knocking on school doors for a job in the city of Toronto (and the surrounding areas.) It was a dog eat dog world. The school systems were so overstaffed with teachers that were suppose to have retired but couldn't afford to that new teachers didn't stand a chance!

But like I said, I had bills to pay so I applied to be a flight attendant because they posted it in the newspaper. I just applied on a whim. No joke. I needed money and I figured that applying to be a flight attendant would brush up my interview skills.

Interviewing to be a teacher is a very intensive process and applying be a flight attendant had very similar processes so I thought it was a great idea to try it out just to see what it would be like!

As I kept passing round after round of interviews, it became more enticing to be a flight attendant! I slowly wanted it more and more when I kept passing every round. It was like leveling up in a game with real stakes and I was very invested by the end.


This is where I leave you on a cliff hanger. If you want to learn more about how or rather what the hiring and training process was like as a flight attendant you'll just have to wait for the next installments of this blog.

Thanks for reading!


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