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We are selling our house!

YUP! You read that right, we are listing our house next week and I'm feeling ALL the emotions right now. This house has been so so good to us. But it's time for us to look at a new chapter in our lives.

Photo credit: Janet Kwan

If you're new here, thekwendyhome, this blog, my Instagram account all began October of 2017. I started my Instagram account to document thekwendyhome 1.0, the little townhouse we scrimped and saved for and made it all our own. But we decided to move then because of our grief after losing K's mom If you want to read more about that journey, you can read that here.

Photo credit: Janet Kwan

But the time has come for us to part with thekwendyhome 2.0. We are listing our home and we are looking for a new adventure, a new chapter and I hope you follow along as we share this process with you as well.

Photo credit: Janet Kwan

Design and home decor is part of my passion and now my job as well! I want to do it all over again if I could get a chance.

I'm going to miss my little plant oasis so much! I'm hoping I can build a sunroom in thekwendyhome 3.0 !

If you are in the Toronto area and are looking for a home like this, feel free to contact my realtor, Mariam: m@mariamnoori.com

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