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Update on selling our house

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

A few of you have been asking me how the sale of my house is doing. I figured I'd write a quick blog to address some of the questions I've gotten because I only choose to reveal these types of information in my stories. (Shout out to my story fam!) This is the beauty of a blog, I can point people to it instead of reiterating myself.

When I announced that we were listing our house I had a huge reaction from a bunch of you. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had announced in my feed! Can you imagine the bombardment of questions? Haha! But I love it cause that means you guys care and are invested. Well, seeing as how I've answered the question as to why we decided to sell here I'm going to update you guys on how it's going.

The long and short of it is... it's been slow. Real slow. Like so slow I'm wondering if we'll even have an interested buyer. Now a lot of you may be exclaiming and encouraging me that it's a pretty house and it's well loved so someone will come and fall in love with it too... but the truth of the matter is, the Toronto market is crazy. Which means, housing is not super affordable and to be able to recoup the cost that we've put in and to move onto a different project, we need to sell this at a price point which will get us there.

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

How much are you listing your house for?

Now you may be wondering what the listing price is... this is question I get slid into my dms pretty much every time I mention the fact that we have an open house, a showing or we're selling in general. And to be honest. I've been embarrassed to say how much it's being listed at. Not because I don't think it's unreasonable nor are we asking above what it's worth... but the amount may be so staggering to some that I hesitate on sharing the information. And I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but I still won't say it here.

I know I am super fortunate to own property in this market where so many young people are struggling to even break into that I feel like it's rubbing it into people's faces. So I refrain from sharing the numbers. But to give you an idea of how much it cost to live here, a downtown condo with one bedroom is going for $700,000. If you come up to the suburbs you may be paying around half a million. These numbers are nauseating and that is the cost of living here. Sometimes I wish I lived elsewhere, where the money stretches further, and where the home decor options seem limitless. BUT I am super grateful and probably wouldn't change a thing even if given an opportunity to do so.

Can we see the listing to your house?

This brings me the the other question that I also get regularly, you guys want to see the listing to this house! I shared why I felt uncomfortable doing that in stories but I figured I would add it in here as well. I just wanted to keep that part private in case we don't sell. As open as I am with my life and my home, I don't exactly want you guys to know my address. That's probably pretty self explanatory but I'm sure if we ever meet, we'll get along like old friends.

So what are you guys gonna do now?

Well we're still waiting to see if anyone bites on our house but if not, I have a few projects up my sleeves already that I want to work on. And I've been on a plant buying freeze save for the few K bribed me with. I'm excited to see what happens next either way. Mostly because living in this kind of limbo has me itchy. hahahahaha! But I should probably pray more and continue to trust God in this process. I'll update you guys if anything happens.

Anyway, thanks for reading like always!


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