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thekwendyhome before it was thekwendyhome

It’s demo day (somewhere mid July) at thekwendyhome 3.0! I’m excited, nervous and incredibly grateful to share this journey with you.

K and I will never forget where we started, a cozy one bedroom basement apartment we rented. We thought it was the nicest house we will ever live in.

We were both earning minimum wage, fresh faced and a couple months away from tying the knot. Upon our rental search we realized we could only afford a basement apartment.

To this day, I cannot believe that God provided the perfect space for us. This “basement apartment” was actually a walk out from a newly built seven figure home. It had heated floors, a working fireplace, open concept kitchen and priced exactly what we said we could afford to spend. Not a penny more or a penny less.

The real kicker was, there was no competition for us because they posted the worse blurry dark photos ever on Craigslist. I think we were the only people to inquire about their ad after weeks of it being posted!

Our landlords turned out to be the loveliest older couple who became our friends (and felt like a third set of parents to us) and when our one year lease was up we were heartbroken they decided to sell and downsize. Ultimately, their decision actually propelled us to buy our first property, a modest townhouse that we turned into our first dream home that we sold for a handsome profit.

But that’s another story for another day.

If you told me then that I would be living this life, I would have said that’s impossible. But the story isn’t over yet.

I can’t wait to write this next chapter with you. Thank you for journeying with us.



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