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thekwendyhome 2.0 - part 3

Over the past three posts, I’ve been regaling you with the story of how thekwendyhome came to be. You can read part one, two and three here.

After the loss of my mother in law, we wanted a fresh start and that’s when thekwendyhome 2.0 as you know it made its debut on Instagram. I started updating my family and friends on my private account, storying in excess of 100 slides a day.

Janet Kwan captures my avocado army in our sun drenched kitchen

Taking pity on them and seeing how the mute button didn’t exist, I created or rather, renamed my public account “Raedunn_ceramics” to thekwendyhome as a way to document this journey. (I give you full permission to make fun of me at this juncture. I admit, I was that into Rae Dunn pieces. Can you imagine if I stayed “Raedunn_ceramics” and never started thekwendyhome?! Hahahaha ok that’s a side bar)

But what started as a passion project to help us heal from our loss became an outlet for my creativity and a way to connect with others who shared my love for home decor. I found a community that understood my love affair with plants, that saw the difference in shades of white paint, and could wax poetics on the perfect pillow insert. Just like me.

Our sunroom was the stole the show. Captured by Janet Kwan

I set out to build a home that everyone would feel welcomed in when they walked through the doors. And when I created this account, I treated it as an extension of that hospitality. I want everyone who passes through this page to leave feeling better than they did before when they swipe away.

This became my goal and my hobby. And I don’t just mean home decor, I mean this app, creating content, interacting with others, teaching, and learning all had a purpose. I wanted people to feel loved. I wanted to love like God loves and share that here.

And then, in the March of 2020, my flight attendant career came to a screeching halt because of the Panini (no this is not a spelling mistake.) What was once a hobby became my job.

But I think this wall of text is long enough and I’ll share in the next post. Thanks for reading. This account means so much more to me than one would initially think.



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