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thekwendyhome 1.0- part 2

Continuation of our last post which you can read here.

We were just two kids in love, house broke but full of dreams. We envisioned many Christmas parties, hoped that one day, the pitter patter of little feet would be heard running up and down the stairs of this little townhome. But before any of these dreams became reality, tragedy struck. K’s mom got ill. And she never got better.

Swipe for some before and afters. Photography: Janet Kwan

Near the end of her life, she lived with us in our little castle of dreams. But by the end, we all lived in the hospital.

What was once a place we dreamt in became a place we would just take showers and rest our heads. And when she went to heaven, we couldn’t bear to stay in that home without her.

With broken hearts and a desire to start anew, we found thekwendyhome 2.0. A little rough around the edges, well loved but in need of her own fresh start, we felt drawn to her.

The housing market was kind to us and we sold thekwendyhome 1.0 for an unexpected profit that enabled us to purchase thekwendyhome 2.0. That house became a project of healing for us.

Photography by Janet Kwan

And at the end of 2017, on a cold and bitter winter day, I started thekwendyhome as you know it today. This page began as a means to document this home, to distract myself, and to grieve.

Little did I know, in three years time, this account and this home would become God’s way of providing comfort and a way to support our family.

But that’s a story for the next post.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to read part one and part two of this story, feel free to check out my previous posts.



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