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The Whirlwind Romance of Finding our Home

Updated: Apr 29

This romance novel is written in partnership with REALTOR.ca. Buckle up for the whirlwind romance that was finding our home.

It was a quest that we could not have done without the help of our amazing REALTOR®. It was

truly like a whirlwind romance.

When we first entered the housing market on our own, we were on all the housing apps, clicking on listings of beautiful homes. There were so many options but with little guidance we ended up seeing a lot of duds that didn't meet all our requirements. It was like being on a series of not so great blind dates. They weren't terrible, they just weren't the one.

We knew we needed help. So we reached out to our REALTOR® who was like a matchmaker. She helped us realize what we really wanted in our future home. With her help, we narrowed it down to the three L's. Location, layout, and lighting.

Armed with these requirements, our REALTOR® worked tirelessly with us to find

the one. She knew how important it was for us to be close to family and friends. We wanted a lot of lighting so we were looking for south or west facing homes. (I'm a self declared plant parent after all). And last but not least, layout. She knew our passion for renovating and wanted a bit of a fixer upper, a house that needed us to bring it to its full potential.

But first, we needed to sell our house. Our REALTOR® gave us tips and tricks on how to stage our own home and had professional photography done so that our "dating profile" a.k.a. listing would stand out on REALTOR.ca. She was the best wing (wo)man I could have hoped for! With great marketing, we had more than 100 showings and dozens of offers.

Then came the home buying journey. Purchasing a home can be a highly emotional experience and we developed a great relationship with our REALTOR®. When our hearts were broken because we got out bid on the house we could have sworn was it, she encouraged us by showing other available options. She put us in the best possible position and was just as determined as we were to find us a house!

And then it happened. One day, she excitedly called us and said she had news that she found a house that fit all our requirements. She called the seller’s REALTOR® and arranged for us to see the property the same night. As soon as we walked in, we knew this was it. All our requirements were met and more.

I did promise you a whirlwind romance, so that night, after putting our heads together and

having our REALTOR® talk us through the buying process, we proposed, a.k.a. put down an offer. And she even helped us craft the perfect love letter to woo the previous homeowners.

She put together an offer that was reasonable for us and hard for the owners to refuse. And we

got the house!

Now, we're renovating this house to become our dream home and I can't wait to show her.

Because you bet your bottom dollar that I'm inviting her over to see all the work we put in and

how our vision came to life.

Working with a REALTOR® really gave us a competitive advantage that’s needed during these competitive times. Our REALTOR® helped us sell our house for more than we imagined and helped us purchase the perfect home for us. I know that we would have never found thekwendyhome 3.0 without her.

Thanks for reading!



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