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So I decided to start a blog...

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Why? Because the caption on Instagram was just not enough room to blab to my hearts content!

I’m gonna start writing here to put all my ideas in a space where I can reference or point people to on certain topics that seem out of place on my Instagram account.  I’ll probably talk about stuff  like plants, my faith, plants, food, plants, whatever I want to talk about… probably about plants.

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

Can’t say I’ll be doing this regularly but if I have an itch to write something longer I’ll try to do it here more frequently. Would it surprise any of you if you knew that I’ve written and kept quite a few blogs in my lifetime. Some of them are truly cringe worthyyyyy like I don’t expect people to read them and so I wrote to my teenage angst’s content and oh my word. Rereading them and rediscovering them is horror on it’s own.

I don’t even remember most of the sites or usernames so it’s not like I can even go back to delete them all! But I don’t think they were registered under my gmail account… I hope! Gmail is now fifteen years old and fifteen years ago I had MySpace, Asian Avenue random blog sites that have now been defunked or bought out by bigger companies. Please don’t go looking for them.  This is assuming that anyone is even reading this blog!!!

MWAHAHAHAHA. That is all.



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