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Read This Before You Buy Article's Sven Sofa

So you've been eyeing Article's Sven Sofa for awhile now. The beguiling lines and the pretty colour choices have grabbed your attention and they've started to show up everywhere on your internet search history.

But you're nervous because unlike a traditional store, you can't just waltz into a store to give this bad boy the good old sit test. You weren't about to drop over 2K on a piece of furniture without some research. Well I'm here to review it for you.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed by Article in anyway. I've just receive so many inquiries that I figure I'll write up a review for it! So let's cut to the chase.


Product: Sven Charme Tan Sofa

Owned: 3 years +

Dimensions: 34"H x 88"W x 38"D

Seat Height: 19"

Seat Depth 24"

Seats: 2.5- 3 people

Price: $2399 + Tax

Photographer: Janet Kwan


1) Leather Quality: The tan leather is buttery soft and light in colour when you first receive it. Over time and use my sofa has aged like fine wine. It has some nail marks in it with use but it adds to the character of the sofa and nothing has stood out. The leather has darken over time and I only ever treat it with leather conditioner once a year to prevent cracking. (This goes for any leather sofa care and not unique to this sofa.) Also, I love that this leather is matte and it doesn't feel sticky to sit on during hot summer days. (If you know what I mean.)

2) Comfort: I find this sofa to be very comfortable. It is deep enough to curl up in and short enough for my legs to almost reach the ground. (Our family is on the short side, I'm 5'1. If it sit all the way back my feet hangs off the ground maybe an inch or two.) I've definitely had some good naps on this though as it is wide enough to sleep comfortably on. It isn't high enough to support you neck if that's what you're looking for though.

Lounging on the sofa

3) Beauty: It is a good looking sofa and I am very pleased with how it's made and how it looks. It's classic and really seems to be holding up well. It's not some cheap fast trendy furniture piece.

4) Price: I know there are different price points for everyone for a leather sofa but to me this was a really good price for the quality. It is pretty on par with other brands of similar style. So maybe not a super strong pro, just a fair price for a good quality product.

5) These cushions do not budge (besides the two decorative cylindrical piece.) I appreciate that so much because I don't want to be adjusting the cushions after every time I sit, which is the case for some sofas. You know the little nudge you do with your knees to get the bottom cushions back in place, no issues here!


1) The back two cushions are not reversible! And this is a big con for me because I would like to fluff out my cushions and if someone where to stain it, I would like to have the option to flip it over. Having said that, I it is covered in this fabric that seems to grip onto the back of the couch so it doesn't slip and slide which like I said previously was a pro for me. So you take this how you want it.

2) Still harping on the back two cushions, a lot of my friends who have the same sofa have complained that it is not stuffed enough. I, however, like sinking back a bit into it and it was never an issue for me. But if you have kids or pets that like to climb on top of the cushions to lean out the window or something, you'll find yourself refulffing it a lot. But over time no amount of fluffing will get it back to it's formal glory. I've seen people stuff more cushions back there for extra firmness and it seems to have worked out for them though.


Some side notes that are neither pros or cons, they are more like a preferences to take into account is support. This is not the couch to sit on and work for long periods of time because it is pretty deep. It is definitely more of a lounger because the back is softer and it is relatively deep which will make you want to curl up. (At least for me that's the case for me.)

Photographer: Janet Kwan

If you want to keep this couch in tip top shape, you'll need to condition your leather sofa like you would any leather good. I just use a simple leather conditioner like this one. I use this particular formula because it helps condition and rejuvenates the leather without darkening the leather after it dries. If you do condition your leather with a formula you have no experience with, always test it in a discreet area first though. I do it once a year as I previously mentioned to prevent it from cracking due to the temperature changes where I live, (Toronto, Canada.)


I would recommend this sofa! When I ordered it back in 2017, it was one of the first sofas that were reasonably priced that was made with this leather which I was seeking. It has held up beautiful in a household of two adults with tons of guests coming and going. Mind you, my husband and I don't have a TV where this couch is so the time sat in this is significantly a lot less than someone with this sofa in a living room with a TV. Just wanted to be clear on that.

Well, what do you think? Are you going to buy this sofa?

Hope that helped and thanks for reading,


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