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Plant Decorator vs Plant Parent

Updated: Apr 6, 2019


Interior decorating has come full circle again in the plant department. It's nothing new as with all design. Decorating with plants has been a trend for awhile. We've been seeing a lot of greenery in decor and you're tempted to try. Welcome to the beautiful world of plants. It can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time. But I think that there are two types of plant owners. Plant decorators and plant parents.

In this plant blog post I'm gonna differentiate between a plant decorator and a plant parent. Which one are you? Are you both?

Let's start here.

“When the flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows not the flower.”

- some inspirational quote found on Pinterest

Are you a Plant Decorator?

A plant decorator is someone who strives to use plants to add life and depth to their decor and spaces. We don't have green thumbs but we covet the look of lush greens and vibrant jade hues. You find yourself pinning and saving interiors with a lot of plants in them. You buy a few plants that look good and promising for your home. You do your best to keep them alive but you find that a few weeks later your plants start to look very sad. But you're determined to make it work so you try again.

Are you a Plant Parent?

Plant parents are the ones that obsessively check on their plants and soon start naming them. They're the ones that fondly fondle their plants regularly and coo and sing to them. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit extreme but I am known to exaggerate and this happens to be the truth for me. But plant parents usually place their plants in optimum conditions regardless of decor rules and will be willing to sacrifice or compromise their design decisions to accommodate a plant.

Are you both?

I started out as a plant decorator. I found that there is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers or a beautiful plant to liven up my space. Adding a potted plant on a tablescape or a coffee table will instantly perk up the vignette. It adds movement and texture without feeling forced.

A lot of plant parents start as plant decorators now a days. I am one of them! It's the danger of falling in love with your plants when you start cheering them on to survive.

I think you can use plants to decorate and at the same time care for your plants and help them thrive in your beautiful setting. I'm gonna talk about how to do both in another blog post because this has become long enough!

Thanks for reading guys.


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