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My Mother In Law's Secret Recipe

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

I shared a funny story on how my mother in law duped us into thinking that one of K's favourite dish is a complex cuisine filled with secrets and mystery.

When she passed away, I wanted to cheer my husband up with this dish and googled a few of the ingredients I spied her using. Turns out this recipe could be found on the back of a ketchup bottle. She was serving sloppy joes on rice with a runny egg on top and calling it her secret recipe.

Savory, tangy and sweet.

It's actually ridiculously simple. The direct translation from Cantonese to English is "minced beef egg rice."


  1. Ground beef

  2. Onions

  3. Egg (per serving)

  4. Chives

  5. Brown Sugar

  6. Ketchup

  7. Worcestershire sauce

The recipe is so simple that even I can make it. I'm no expert at cooking so these instructions are really simple. Cook the onions until soften, then dump the ground beef in. Break it apart and cook until it's not raw. (This is clearly a very professional blog post about food.) Then you'll squeeze in a generous portion of ketchup, I'd estimate about a quarter cup per serving and then splash some Worcestershire sauce to taste. Last, I add a tea spoon of brown sugar to sweeten things up.

I like to fry up a sunny side up egg and keep it on the runny side. Have a plate of rice on hand and generously heap on the meat and sauce. Slide that sunny side up on top of the dish and garnish with chives!

Everything is to taste and I have zero measurements to accompany this recipe. Apologies to those that like cooking as a science.

Hope you guys give it a try!

Let me know what you think or if you cook it for family and friends, I would love to see pictures and hear what the feed back was! Good or bad.

Bon appetit and thanks for reading.


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