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My Favourite Trailing Plants

It's a weird flex but I'm going with it anyway. I own a lot of plants. Not like a crazy crazy amount but a fairly decent number. I don't own anything fancy or have rare plants like some serious plant parents. But I recently recounted my plants and in my sun room alone I have 47 plants!!!! In total on the main floor I have 70 plants! I'm too lazy to go upstairs to count the rest. But I think it's safe to say that I currently have over 75 plants in the house that are still alive. Yup. That's my weird flex. I have a lot of plants that aren't dying.

I'm not a plant blog or plant expert. I'm just really into their looks ok?! Hahaha please don't send me hate mail. I swear, I take decent care of them. Only like, one is dying. Everyone else is clinging on so we good.

But that is clearly not what this blog post is about. Out of all my plants, I am most attracted to trailing plants. Why? Because they look amazing hanging above my bed, at a window, on a shelfie, any ledge. The trailing leaves and vines are so dramatic and add so much life to any room! and I want to share my favourites with you.

So after that long ramble, here is my list of favs.

1) The N'joy Pothos

N'joy Pothos captured by Janet Kwan

She is cuteeeeee. Look at the variation in pattern and pretty colour. Their leaves are not super thin and they curl so nicely! And I will even dare to say it is an easy plant to care for! Don't put it in direct sunlight though because the white parts are sensitive and will get damaged.

2) Neon Philodendron

This one here is a show stopper! I love how brightly coloured their foliage is and the delicate heart shapes really gives me the heart eyes. They're not uncommon to find and really gives a pop of life in the room.

3) Pothos

The most common and easiest growing trailing plant ever. You can find them at the grocery store, at Ikea, Home Depot, you name it. They're inexpensive, grows really fast under the right circumstances (aka, bright indirect room) and are super responsive. You don't need to be a mind reader with these guys. When they droop, it's time to water. They're easy and hard to kill plus they trail fast! So this one is a top pick from me!

Neon Philodendron captured by Janet Kwan

4) Burrows Tail

This guy is more tricky but how can you not love them. They have these fat little leaves and when you find the right spot, you don't have to move them and they'll continue to grow. I water this guy so little but he's still alive so I'm pretty happy. This is a succulent variety trailing plant by the way. And because it is a succulent, if you over water you're not coming back from that. Oh, and don't move them because they are super delicate. Yeah... not gonna lie he's a bit of a diva. It's a good thing it's cute.

5) Hoya

This is a waxier plant and doesn't tend to need much watering as a result. (Keep in mind I live in a colder climate, Canada, so this is part of the reason why.) This guy has a full head of smaller leaves then most of my other trailing plants. She's pretty responsive to light and water. If they start to droop, that's your cute to water. In the summer I only water her once every two weeks and now that it's cooler I've only watered her once this month!

Burrow's tail is on the far right but here are a few more trailing plants! Can you name them all?

I've got a lot more trailing plants but these are some of my favourites. Hope you found that helpful. And remember, if you think you're a plant killer, you're not. You just need to decode the language of plants. Read this article here for some beginner tips before you buy your next plant!

What's your favourite trailing plant?

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