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Let's have a Watermelon Spa Day!

Updated: May 31, 2020

I am so excited to partner with the National Watermelon Promotion Board to talk about watermelons! Is it official? Am I an ambassador for watermelons?! Like how cool is that?!

Can you tell I'm really stoked about encouraging you to consume more watermelons? But also, do you even need any convincing? Just in case you do need some inspiration though, let me give you a skin care recipe and a yummy drink to boot for the ultimate watermelon spa day!

Watermelon is such a happy fruit to me and it's not just because of how refreshing and delicious they are. I always have such great memories associated with watermelons.

Growing up, we would cube our watermelons and devour them quickly. But my grandmother would always tell us to save the rinds. She would collect them into a bowl and refrigerate them. And after it's been chilled she would then proceed to slather the cool rinds all over her face, neck and arms. My sister and I joined in on the fun while she taught us the benefits of watermelon.

Now that I'm older and a skin care fanatic myself, I researched watermelon rind beauty secrets. And there was method to my grandma's madness.

Watermelon as a whole is super hydrating and a source of vitamin A (8%DV) and C!

Watermelon Face Mask Recipe

The mask is super easy and very calming for your skin. All you need to do is:

1) Slice the rinds off your watermelon

2) Cut off the pink flesh and enjoy it as a snack

3) Refrigerate your rind for 15 minutes or longer

4) thinly slice your watermelon rind (you can use a mandolin if you have one!)

5) Apply on your skin for 20 minutes

6) Then rinse and pat dry

It is a really simple and natural face mask that will hydrate and soothe your skin. You can thank my grandma for this beauty hack!

Watermelon Refresher Recipe

I also want to share a quick and easy watermelon drink with you. But before I do that, here are some tips to pick a juicy and sweet watermelon!

Tip 1) Pick a heavy watermelon for its size, the heavier it is the jucier it will be!

Tip 2) Pick a watermelon with a large yellow spot. This indicates that the watermelon has had time to grow undisturbed.

Tip 3) Look at the watermelon to ensure it is free of any gashes, bruises, or soft spots.

Ok, now that you picked the perfect watermelon, it's time for you to make that drink to level up on your spa day! Make this delicious watermelon refresher and sip it while you enjoy your skin pampering. Here is the recipe:



Sprite Zero or sparkling water

Yakult (A yogurt drink)





Step 1) Cube watermelon

Step 2) Juice cubed watermelon in French press or use a blender

Step 3) Mix equal parts Sprite Zero (or sparkling water) and watermelon juice

Step 4) Add 2 Yakult and mix

Step 5) Garnish with lemon and mint

Step 6) Add ice

It's such a delicious drink and I'm planning on incorporating it into my home cafe menu year round! We always think of watermelon as a summer fruit, but why only have delicious watermelon during the summer months when we can have it all year? I say we enjoy watermelon season year round!

You can check out the National Watermelon Promotion Board for more recipes and ideas! I know I'll be trying a few of them!

Thanks for reading!



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