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How To Ship Items from the U.S. to Canada

It's a brave new world for Canadians who want to buy things from the States. Gone are the days where we drool over items that we can't have in Canada. I'm looking at you Target and World Market.

I'm going to share a super easy way you can ship American goods to Canada!

K found a company that allowed us to buy items like the coveted Stanley mugs with just a couple of simple steps. As promised I tried it out before I could give a full honest review, and I can finally say that it's great.

It's called Shippsy, a courier service that allows Canadians to freely shop U.S. retailers without worrying about shipping. All you need to do is insert the unique U.S address they provide, fill out information about your product, and pay any fees/taxes/duties if needed. It's super easy! No paperwork, no mess and no worries.

It's basically like having a PO Box with a US address and they forward the mail to their Canadian locations. We chose a warehouse location that was closest to our house. Every time we buy something, we put in our Shippsy assigned address and they do the rest for us. You do pay a small fee of $7 per shipment and you pay the duties on top of it.

They notify you when the package has arrived in Canada where you can pick it up at their available locations or ship to your house (with extra fees).

We've been using it for 6 months now and it's been great!

Hope this helps!



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