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How to Make a Plant Pulley

Here’s how I made this plant pulley system to make watering my plant easier!


US Links

Rope Cleat

Fixed Pulley

Swag Hook

Fixed Snap Hook

Braided Rope

(2) Swag Hooks

CAD Links

Rope Cleat

Fixed Pulley


Fixed Snap Hook

Swag Hooks

*I recommend going to Home Depot as these prices online are outlandish lol!

Note: I actually spray painted some of the hardware (namely the hooks and the pulley) so that it matches my aesthetic. Feel free to spray yours any colour you want or leave as is.

Step 1

Drill a hole in the ceiling big enough for your butterfly anchor to fit through. Insert the butterfly anchor until you hear it engage . (This anchor holds up to 30lbs) Then attach the hook to the exposed side of the nail.

It'll look something like this.

Step 2

Once you have the hook secured into the ceiling, place your pulley on the hook. Then put your rope on the track of the pulley.

Step 3

I added an additional hook off to the side close to the wall to guide the other end of the rope so it wasn't dangling aimlessly.

Step 4

Drill the rope cleat off to the side or wherever you can reach easily. This will be used to hold up the plant when tied, as shown in the right photo.

Step 5

Then tie your rope to a lobster clasp and clip on your plant hanger. I purchased this plant hanger from World Market.

Pop in your plant and voila!

You've just made yourself a plant pulley!

Here is a video tutorial as well.

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