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How to Design your Dream Home

I decided to write this article because a lot of people ask me for help when decorating. And I started to realize I would give them very similar advice. The thing is, there are no hard and fast rules in decor or art. That's the big spoiler. But before you click out of this article let me share some tips and tricks that I hope will help you when you design your home.

My Design Philosophy

Home is a feeling. Ask yourself, how do you want your home to make you feel? Because that to me is the most important.

For me, I love the idea of hygge. Designing around a feeling that creates an atmosphere that promotes coziness. There are no rules to creating hygge in your own home which also adds to its appeal for me. To me, it means a brightly lit home with lots of plants, warm wooden tones and shelves brimming with functional but beautiful items I brought home from my travels!

Perhaps the feeling of home for you means, fun and spontaneous. How would that translate in your home? If I were to design a home that promotes this feeling, I would use sturdy materials so guests don't feel the need to tip toe around delicate furniture. I would play with bolder patterns and more texture.

Where I Start

I like to start by gathering inspiration. Scroll through Instagram and save all the images you love and organize it per room. Pin all the beautiful spaces you love on Pinterest. Rip out pages from magazines and make a collage.

The purpose of collecting all this inspiration is to help you pin point what the common denominator of what you love. Take a step back from all the pictures you save and identify the elements that keep repeating.

Perhaps it's a colour, a pattern, a layout or a tile. When you start picking out the similarities in all of your inspo pics, then you know what to work around. Clearly it's been catching your eye, so go ahead and incorporate whatever it is into your design!

My Number One Styling Tip

My number one styling tip is to always buy beautiful things that are functional and will make sense in the context of the room you are decorating for with pops of unexpected elements! I also like to layer in my styling. Let me explain by breaking down my favourite place to decorate, my kitchen shelves!

Currently on my kitchen shelves, I have displayed my delicate wine glasses with golden cutlery in a clear glass jar for a hint of warmth. Behind the glasses I opted to put a vintage art piece found at a garage sale to add personality. Personally, I always love adding live plants to soften any design vignettes.

On the lower shelves I picked out a stylistically pleasing speaker because if I had to display it, it should also be beautiful! Next, I have my water glasses that gets used frequently and my gold tone water spritzer to tie in the gold in my cutlery.

To further accentuate the warmth in my kitchen I also layered some wooden serving boards on the counter.

I think art in the form of a sculptural element or even in plants adds something unexpected and fun to styling.

My Shopping Tip

It's simple. Only buy what you truly love. Whatever you bring into your home should fit a few check marks. Do you love it? Does it serve you? Basically if it is both functional, beautiful and you can use it in your home right now, then it’s the perfect fit for you.

I’m still learning to curate my home as well. Sometimes I see things I love and I want to hoard it in my home but if you think about it, I will be doing both my home and the new found treasure a disservice. I know that sounds odd, but if you don’t have room to show case it or use it then there really was no point in owning it. Perhaps that piece will serve a different owner much better!

This is how I feel when I thrift. I want to bring everything home and I have to take a step back and ask myself these same questions. That way, I only bring home things that will elevate my home not clutter it up.

My Advice for Your Dream Home

Create a home you love by decorating with things you love for people you love.

Fill your home with colors, decor, and plants that make you feel good and happy. You don’t have to spend much to design your dream home. Simply keep your eyes and mind open as to what you might find.

Think of it this way, in marketing, every product has a ideal target audience. Well for your home, (the product), you have an ideal audience. You and the people who will live there, visit and spend time in your home. So design with people in mind. YOUR people. Think of their needs and ask yourself how you will live in your home.

Are you big on entertaining? Perhaps consider an open concept. Do you prefer a casual atmosphere? Consider comfier fabric choices. Would you like a serene and tranquil setting? Time to figure out what brings you inner peace. (I personally like a lot of plants and white spaces, others prefer earthier tones with dark hues.)

If you haven't figured that out yet, that's ok! Time to ask these questions and focus on what you want your home to do for you.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to express your individuality and ideas. Remember, your home is a reflection of your personality, so make it all your own. Sometimes that means breaking conventional rules but hey, if it makes sense for you then that's all that matters.

It's YOUR dream home, not someone else's. So design for you.

In Conclusion

There is no right or wrong in decorating and that is the beauty of it. Just decorate for yourself, at your price point, at your speed. And remember, as long as you love it, that is all that matters.

Thanks for reading guys!



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