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House Hunting Update

I thought the next time I blogged about this house hunting journey I would have good news for you. But I don't. And at first I wasn't going to blog about it because who wants to read a story without an ending. Who wants to read a blog post with no pictures? Because that's how I envisioned it. I thought I would be able to say that we found thekwendyhome 3.0 and pepper this blog post with pictures and plans for our future home.

This rejection was a little harder than the other ones (because we had placed and lost bids during this crazy market) but this one stung. We thought this house was meant to be. Not only did the house check all the boxes or give me that feeling of home when we walked in, but we went to see it on the death anniversary of K's mother. It also felt significant because the offer night happened during a time of celebration for our family and we thought we could share our good news too.

The thing is, we were the winning bid, we had a clean offer, we put in a significant down payment and even had a really fast closing date to accommodate the seller. But this afternoon we got a call from our amazing realtor who told us the sellers backed out. The selling side strung us along and negotiated in bad faith. We matched all the requirements they asked for and we even gave an extension because they told us that there was an elderly person who didn't know how to use technology and couldn't counter sign. Turns out, that was only an excuse for an extra 12 hours and they only wanted more money after we signed. It really feels like a big waste of time.

The price they wanted is significantly more. I'm disappointed and also upset that there was so little integrity shown on the other side during this entire process. It was a rollercoaster ride and the clock is ticking. We have a little over a month left now. But our options are running out and there aren't many houses on the market popping up.

You may ask if we regret selling our house first and then looking for our next home. Short answer is, we don't. It was financially prudent for us to operate this way instead of purchasing a house first and then listing second. We may have to look into renting a temporary space in the mean time while we hunt for thekwendyhome 3.0 and we're ok with that.

I share this with you because not everything works out. Not everything ends with a neat bow on it but it's important for me to share with you because you have been there every step of the way. I don't owe anyone answers and I know that. Not that I have many answers to be honest, but I do want to thank you for journeying with us all this time.

This isn't the worse thing in the world, far from it. This process has only made me more thankful for my family, for this community and it reminded me that we are very blessed to be able to purchase a home. I know God has a plan for us, the plan isn't always what I think is best or what I want, but I trust that He will put us where we need to end up.

And when that happens, when we find that house, it's going to be all the sweeter because of this journey. We'll look back and see why everything worked out the way it did. It might take some time for that happy ending but home is not a place, it's who you're with. I'm confident that where ever we end up, we'll be able to make it our home. I can't wait to meet thekwendyhome 2.5 OR thekwendyhome 3.0.

Thanks for journeying with us and for taking the time to read our update.



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