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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I've been relishing my morning routine and have dubbed it Home Cafe time since the beginning of last year. As I share those peaceful snippets with you, I've had questions on some of the items I use every day so I'm linking them all here on the blog today for your convenience.

This blog post contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission for every purchase made with these links at no extra cost to you!

I'll be giving you a brief review on each product you see here!

the tea station at thekwendyhome 2.0 captured by @janetkwan

1) Glass straws

I love using straws and these environmentally re-usable ones are fantastic because you can see through them when you clean. It comes in a pack with bent and straight ones plus a spoolie to clean them with! I tend to drink more water with a straw too so it's a must for me.

2) French Press

I love my French press but I rarely make tea or coffee with it. I use it exclusively to froth my oat milk now. I stole mine from my mom's but this is the exact same one I have! So happy to finally find the link for it.

3) Small pitcher

I don't have this pitcher but I want it. I tried to link actual one I have but it seems to have been discontinued/ sold out. But this one looks awesome with the square neck and round base.

I love my kettle so much. Captured by @janetkwan

4) Checkered tea towel

I have this tea towel in black and linen. It also comes in a pretty blue. Reminds me of French cafes and who wouldn't want that to be part of their morning routine!

5) Green tea towel

Anthropologie is one of my favourite places to grab tea towels. I have a healthy collection of them and change it up for every season or when the mood strikes. It's the perfect affordable kitchen accessory that is functional and adds personality to any kitchen. This one gives me cottage core vibes and I'm here for it.

6) Kettle

I get asked all the time about my SMEG kettle. It's the cream coloured one and I find having the temperature control super handy when I'm making tea (different tea blends need different temperature water.)

I love this thing. It is on the pricey side and I justified it because I knew it was going to sit on our kitchen counter and wanted to find a kettle that was beautiful and this totally fit the bill.

7) Tea pot

I found my glass tea pot when I was thrifting but found this similar one here. I find it so elegant to serve tea out of!

Isn't the honey pot charming? (I mean ignore the fact that the honey solidified lol) Captured by @janetkwan

8) Honey Pot

I love this thing. I saw a movie that inspired me to buy it because the character had an incredibly charming and warm home. They had a honey pot sitting in the middle of the kitchen table and I knew I had to have one.

The glass honey dipper is so easy to clean and makes tea time way less messy.

9) Matcha whisk

I've been on a matcha kick recently and you can't make matcha without a matcha whisk! It's been a soothing morning routine that I love recently!

10) Mugs

I have these Nordic mugs from Davids Tea and became enamoured with the double insulated mugs ever since! I still have my Rae Dunn mugs but this is a very classy option! I love the shape of the ones I linked here.

I hope you get a chance to start your day or end your day with a beautiful home cafe moment with some of my favourite finds.

And as always, thanks for reading.



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