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Guest Bathroom Moodboard

Alrighty, if you didn't know, our next project has been announced and we are going to renovate the guest bathroom this month! Not exactly the project we wanted to tackle this year but it had to be done. You can see what the bathroom looked like before and read all about the drama here.

But let's make lemonade out of lemons. Here are some bathrooms I have been loving.

Inspo Sources:

Image 1: Chris Snook Bathroom

Image 2: Brooke Christen Bathroom

Image 3: Ed Reeve Bathroom

Image 4: Jean Stoffer Bathroom

Image 5: Floors by House of Jade

I feel like I've always had a love affair with subway tiles and it seems like this guest bathroom will see that. However, I wanted to be more playful with the floors. We considered doing small penny tiles, hexagonal tiles in a fun pattern or a checkered look that is both classic and also seeing a rise in popularity in the recent years.

If you take a look at my overall Pinterest board you'll notice that I have an affinity to high contrast rooms with pops of warmth in accessories and plumbing fixtures. I've been wanting to inject charm into our builder grade home so here are some vanities I have been eyeing.

Option 1: Warm Grey Vanity

Option 2: Mid Century Modern Vanity

Option 3: Classic White Vanity

Option 4: Light Wood Vanity

I would love to have done an Edwardian floating sink as you see in my first two inspiration pictures but alas we need storage in our modest size guest room. (K and I will be using it until we save up for the principle ensuite) Which one do you like best?

K rarely has an opinion on home decor but he has always been a stickler for the shower kits (since thekwendyhome 1.0 back in 2015- pre blogging days) and it is the one place he really pushes me to splurge on despite this being a budget and emergency bathroom renovation. So most of our budget has been allocated to these fixtures.

It was a bit of a challenge finding shower kits that had a rain fall shower head, a hand held and a tub filler all in one in the finishes I wanted. I wanted this bathroom to be warm toned (as with the rest of the house) so I for gone all the chrome hardware that was available to us.

Here are our picks for shower kits that met our requirements:

Option 1: Brass Riobel

Option 2: Black Riobel

Option 3: Aquabrass Brushed Nickel

Option 4: Aquadesign Polished Nickel

Now that I presented all the bigger ticket item options to you let me show you what my current mood board looks like! (Mind you, some details may change as we tackle this project but here is where I'm leaning towards!)

1) Fun dark floral print shower curtain

2) 8x8 tiles to create a diamond pattern

3) Vintage mirror inspo from @thewhitefarmhouseblog, lights linked here

4) Polished Nickel Faucet

5) Current toilet

6) Grey Vanity

7) Polished Nickel Shower Kit

I'm excited to mix metals in this bathroom to achieve a high end look without necessarily spending more! As you can see, this house is leaning towards a more classic grand millennial style and I'm not mad about it. I'll be sure to dress it up with some whimsical and charming accessories to really make it feel like a kwendyhome!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of the mood board so far? Can you see the vision?



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