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Famous People I've Bumped Into part 1

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

It's storytime folks. I asked you a few weeks if there were any questions about what I do to pay the bills and there were a few. It sparked some funny stories that I want to share, so I figured I'll do storytime here on IG like the cool cats do on YouTube. This is my first installment. Someone asked me if I've ever had celebrities on my flights. The short answer is yes. Quite a few actually. But I'll tell you the most embarrassing one (because I'm smooth like that). It was like any other day in the sunny skies. I was on the bar trolley with an older flight attendant and we get stuck behind the food cart. By the way, it takes forever to do a service on the 777 when we sell food. So we were chit chatting with our passengers because we were that bored. "So sonny, what do you do for a living?"- f/a (that's short for flight attendant because we don't call ourselves stewardesses anymore. Don't ask me why because I don't have a clue.) Passenger: "I play basketball." F/A: "Are you any good?" Passenger: "I'm not bad." F/A: "Aren't you too short to play basketball professionally?" I still have no clue who this man is at this point but I'm starting to squirm because I have an inkling this conversation isn't going according to script. Passenger: "I guess I'm tall enough." F/A: "You're what... Like Steve Nash's height?" "....I am Steve Nash." - @stevenash And then I think I turned bright red and melted into the dirty airplane carpet. Not my partner in crime though. She promptly whips out her cellphone and asks for a photo because her son is such a big fan. I died right there. But not before contemplating stealing Mr. Nash's tie that I hung up at the beginning of the flight. I didn't.

This is a true story and if Mr. Nash ever reads this... I just want to say... My husband's also a big fan. Can I get a picture? PS: For those of you who don't follow sports (like me) he was a NBA basketball player. It's a big deal apparently. PPS: This is a repost from my Instagram page back when not a whole lot of people saw it. I had to have it in the blog. heh Sorry if you had to read it a second time!

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