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Entryway Mood Board

Alrighty! So I already shared our kitchen and dining room mood board, and the people have spoken, the entryway is next! So here it is!

So this is what the entryway use to look like. It's incredibly dark and small for the space. But, I think we can make it bright and cozy! We just tweak it a bit. The floors have been ripped up, heck the ceilings have come down too. And we're going to be recapping the stairs when the hardwood goes down.

Last week we got the back windows replaced with gorgeous black windows with grids. They look amazing! On top of that, we put in a set of French doors in our future dining room. They looked so good that we decided to do it to the front of the house too.

We chose doors with black grids to match the back of the house. And we opted for sand blasted glass to bring in that natural light while providing us with much needed privacy in the front! I'm sharing the mood board below but the doors won't be installed until November this year. But I know it's going to be amazing and I can't wait!

1) Black Doors

2) Ceiling semi-flush mount light

3) Floor tiles

4) Jute mat

5) Wall hooks

6) Smart Lock

7) Table lamp

8) Basket

We had marble herringbone floors in our last house and it didn't give us any issues because we had a vestibule where we kept our shoes. We're lucky enough to have a similar set up in the new house so I can put in marble flooring again without fear of salt/ water potentially damaging the floors. But I'm a big believer in creating a home you love to serve people you love. So if we etch up the floors, I'm not going to be too concerned about it! I do love the pattern of these floors and am so glad we found them!

The set up we have in our condo entryway will almost be a direct copy and paste. I got that table on Facebook Marketplace and it was an ordeal to bring back! I love this piece so much and I'm hoping it'll work out in this space. It's going to be a tight fit though! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

This house renovating journey has been the longest one we've embarked on yet. From April till now, it seems like everything has ben at a slow pace but I've been enjoying this journey despite the set backs and challenges we've faced. Grateful to be doing this with you. As always, thanks for reading!



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