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TIPS for Foolproof DIY Orange Garland Decor

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

So you've attempted making dried orange slices since seeing it on the 'gram but every time you've tried to make them you've been met with disappointment and frustration. You pull tray after tray of burnt orange slices after what seems like hours of baking. Well I've got some tips and tricks that should help you.

Orange garland captured in our last home by @janetkwan

I've been making DIY orange garlands before I even joined Instagram. It is an incredibly simple and affordable decor to make but it does require patience.

Dried Oranges

Step 1

Preheat oven to 250F

Low and slow is the motto for today's DIY.

Step 2:

Slice oranges in 1cm slices.

The key to this step is to slice the oranges as evenly as possible, if you have uneven slices, they will not bake evenly and will have scorched edges.

TIP: Mixing blood oranges will give you a darker orange tone which is very pretty!

Step 3:

Bake low and slow at 250F and flip every 30 minutes for 2 hours.

Step 4:

At the two hour mark, check at 15 minute intervals for another hour. (So you would have baked your oranges for 3 hours in total.)

Step 5:

I like to turn off the oven and let it sit for an hour or until the oven cools off to let it dehydrate further.

That means 3 hours of heat and at least another hour of sitting in your oven. This will guarantee that your orange slices will not burn and it'll dehydrate nicely in the ridisual oven heat! That's my best tip for you! Works every time for me!


They look so sweet decorated over our drink station. Captured by @janetkwan

Now comes the fun part! I like hanging my dried oranges with cypress pine mostly because I have them in my back yard. Only one step!


Tie some acorns, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks for a very cozy garland or hang as is for a simple festive decor. You can use twine but I find using thin gauge wire to be the easiest way to do this!

I love using the orange slices to package my presents with as well.

TIP: Hang your dried orange slices in front of a fairy light and see the warm glow it casts. They're like miniature stain glass windows.

And you can always use these dried orange slices to package up for drink garnishes and simmer pots (stove top potpourri). They make great coffee table decor in a bowl too!

Here's a video tutorial for if youre a visual person! Follow me on my Pinterest for more DIYs and home decor inspo!

TIP: Did you know you can store these dried oranges slices in air tight containers or bags! You can use them for many years to come. I've had mine for 5 years now. Just make sure they are completely dehydrated before you store them in a cool dark place! Although they do darken over time so I still tend to make a batch or two every Christmas.

Check out how we used dried orange slices throughout the years!

Orange beauty captured by @janetkwan

Thanks for reading! I hope you get to make your own orange garlands this year!



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