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How to DIY a Floating Centerpiece

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Photography by Janet Kwan

I made this floating installation for over our dining table! I am so happy with how it turned out, it might even be new favourite DIY project EVER! The best part is, you can customize it all you want to the theme you want!! Let's begin!


- Four 6ft copper pipes, 3/4 inch thick

(I'm linking 10ft copper pipes here because they don't have 6ft ones online but purchase longer pipes to cut to size if need be.)

- Eight copper tees

- A pipe cutter

TIP: Splurge on a nicer pipe cutter to save your hands. I linked the exact one I used above.

If you're a visual person, I made this tutorial on Pinterest. Make sure you're following me there to and get more DIYs and inspiration!

Step 1

Start by cutting your copper pipes to size. You will need two 6ft copper pipes to 55" long. This will be the vertical legs.

TIP: Adjust the measurements to your needs. You can customize the length of your legs- it depends on how high you want your floating centrepiece to be!

Take the remaining pieces to create twelve 8" copper pieces long for the base.

Pipe cutters are quite easy to use! Just tighten the knob at the base of the pipe cutter and spin around the tip. Slowly tighten at every rotation of your pipe cutter until your copper pipe snaps.

In total you will have cut:

- Two copper pies at 55" long for the two vertical legs

- Twelve copper pipes at 8" long for the base

Step 2

Attach the 8" pieces to the copper tees. Make 6 sets. At this point you will have one 6ft pipe (this is the pole that spans on top of your table where all your decor will be resting on), two 55" pipes (vertical legs) and 6 pairs of assembled pieces with copper tees for the base. See below for reference.

Step 3

Assemble your base in an H shape, (you will need two) pictured below:

Then attach a copper tee to each side of the 6ft pipe, this will serve as the rod above the table you will decorate.

Attach the 6ft rod on your two legs that we built. And voila!

Photography by Janet Kwan

Beautiful and easy to make centrepiece captured by @janetkwan

You have your very own set up for beautiful table installations and floating centerpieces. Decorate by draping greenery, baubles, ribbon, and fairy lights!

You can use these at birthday parties, weddings, as Photo Booth backdrops etc. The sky's the limit. Can't wait to see what you come up with!



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