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DIY Cozy Home for the Holidays

Guyssss I wrote a blog post for a hardware store and took you along on how I created a tablscape here. But I also wanted to show you how I am decorating without having to buy anything.

I realize that there is a lot of excitement and even pressure to buy for the holidays to keep up with the Jonses. I never want you to feel like creating a welcoming home costs money because it really doesn't have to. Armed with your imagination and some creativity, you can create a beautiful setting to host your loved ones.

Here is an amalgamation of DIYs I have done throughout the years and they have been tried in true in making my home cozy for the holidays without going to the big box store. The best part of it is, you are creating memories and a one of a kind feeling of warmth and love only YOU can give your friends and family.

1) First up, FREE WINTER GREENS! I have trimmed my backyard for all kinds of greenery for the purposes of home decor. My cedar trees in the backyard has gotten a trimming for every Christmas for the past two years. Sure it's kind of balding the last 7 feet because that is about as high I can manage but IT'S FREE. Don't worry. They tree is still healthy. I plan on opening my upstairs window and cutting form the top next year. HAHAHAHAHAH

But if you don't have any winter greens (think pine, cypress, cedar etc...) you can ask your friends and neighbours. I totally did. Who wouldn't want some free trimming service right?

After you trimmed some free greens, fashion them to make garlands and wreaths! It's really easy. Use some twine, floral wire or zip ties. (I find all these things at the dollar store and have them year round for all my other DIY's.) Then drape them anywhere and everywhere! Mantle? Sure! Bathroom mirror? Why not? Bedroom headboard? Go for it! The sky is the

limit and the greenery really adds a festive

mood to every corner.

2) Use FOOD AS DECOR! I know it's weird but it works. Take some classic examples like dried oranges. They really pack a punch. Watch my IGTV here for tips and tricks on how to make them. But you can integrate these bad boys into your garlands for a really beautiful festive glow. They look like stain glass when strung up.

2019 was the year of the orange slices but I'm going to predict that POPCORN strings will be the new trend next year! I am so stoked and I may even try it this year when I get a chance.

Another food item I love decorating with is herbs like rosemary. Pop them into an amber glass or a mason jar and put them along the dining table or next to your kitchen skin. Odd? Maybe. But hey we're gonna be using a lot of it during this time of year so may as well make it part of the festive mood.

Also, BAKE SOME COOKIES! I love the smell of cookies in a home for the holidays. Or any day really. They'll make fabulous centerpieces on your kitchen island in a pretty clear jar or even as place settings.

And if you want something even more low commitment, MAKE A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR. All you need is a kettle, some hot chocolate powder and a stack of cute mugs! And if you really want to out do yourself, make some home made marshmallows. I follow this recipe. I do this every year and it's a popular treat with the kiddies.

3) Make your own WRAPPING PAPER with some craft paper and stamps for some extra adorableness. My friend Madison wrote a blog post talking about how most wrapping paper are not recyclable and can contaminate the rest of the recycling process! So I have opted to do this year for the past two years. They look so so cute and just tie them up with twine and attach some winter greens (that you got for free) and bake some oranges (because one orange can yield 8 slices) and BAM unique and adorable present wrappings.

4) MAKE SOME CUTE POM POMS or tassels. This DIY is super easy and adds some much hygge to a space. It can even be left up all year round. But I chose some left over burnt red yarn and beige yarn and snipped away. I've hung them over my fire place this year but in year's past I've had them over door ways, windows and even transitioned them as fall decor to Christmas.

5) Last but not least. SHOP YOUR HOME. Don't feel like you have to purchase something new every season. Just look around your house with new eyes. I like to pretend like I'm someone else and walk through my home and pluck things from different rooms and play musical chairs with pillows and furniture.

Switching up textiles is a fantastic way to bring in a new season. Fluffier and heavier fabric conveys a winter atmosphere and I love doing this. Plus, it feels like I created a different space every time.

DEAR FRIENDS, your hospitality is priceless and you welcoming your guests to your home is the most important part. You wanting to create this space that makes them feel at ease is what will set you apart from any other gathering.

I look forward to celebrating with my friends and family. We are hosting our church friends, family from out of town and our University Small Group this holiday season and I can only hope the decor is just icing on the cake. Because this season is really not about presents and twinkle lights. For me, the reason for the season is celebrating Jesus Christ. Perhaps yours is too and maybe it's being with family, friends and loved ones.

Whatever it may be, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. May you find peace and joy this season.

Your friend,


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