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Dining Room Mood board

Well, if you've been journeying with us the past few months we have:

1) Sold our house in February

2) Bought a house in April

3) Gain possession late June

4) Started demo end of July

And after many months on Pinterest, drooling and saving images on Instagram, I have a mood board that is going to be my guide as we design, pick out flooring, paint, and furniture for our new home.

As I'm typing this, walls have come down, floors have been ripped up and that means it's time to really solidify our vision for this house.

We've chosen the biggest component in this house renovation which is our flooring. It is a 6 inch wide plank in engineered flooring in white oak, raw, with variation with knots. (Brushed matt engineered planks that are refinished if you want all the deets.)

And here is the mood board. It is obviously subject to change as availability and design changes but I love it so much! I've linked everything below and some are affiliate links.

Gallery Wall Inspo by Dana Lynch Design

1) Archway Cabinet $1699 USD

2) Olive Tree $399 USD

3) Bentwood Dining Chair $199 USD

4) Dining Table $2599 USD

5) Pendant Light $249 USD

6) Bistro Table $499 USD

7) Console $2351 USD

The dining room is going to see a HUGE change as we took down a wall and it is now double in size. We are putting a set of French doors in as well that leads to our backyard/ patio.

We are designing a space that will accommodate my huge family of 17! And we have people over from noon to night on Sundays because of church and family time. So this space has to be functional with a large crowd in mind. The star of the show and the biggest investment we are making (besides flooring) is the dining table.

It is the Benchwright Extending Dining table from Pottery Barn and I've been eyeing it for awhile now. It comes in four different sizes and four different finishes. I've picked out in the colour sea drift because it is a warm, light

wood tone that will be a great sturdy piece

in to host all our parties.

To be honest, there are a few dream pieces in this mood board that I would love to incorporate but it is all budget dependant. I've been eyeing the Ventana Glass Display Cabinet from Crate and Barrel for a long time and it would really complete the space. It is currently on backorder right now.

As for dining chairs, I've always appreciated the lines of a good bentwood chair for looks and for the classic nature of this design. I'm not sure if this is THE chair and if the wood tones would match but I'll keep you posted. Durability, comfort and style as well as cost come into play when you're looking for ten matching chairs.

But yah, making some big moves over at thekwendyhome 3.0! I'm excited to see the doors and windows go in next week!

The old kitchen has been donated and where the window over the sink is, is where the new French doors will be!

I can't wait to see this mood board come to life.

Thanks for reading as always.



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