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Christmas Guide- 2021

Last year, I didn't do any pre-planning and I wasn't able to give you links to all my Christmas decor because it sold out so fast! So even though it's not even Halloween yet I am putting together a round up of all my favourite items that I'll be using this year in case you wanted to check them out.

A hot chocolate station is always a festive way to cozy up a corner in your kitchen!- captured by @janetkwan

I look forward to styling my drink station every year and to make it holiday appropriate I turn my coffee station into a hot chocolate bar!

Here's what I used:

1) White ceramic houses

2) Mugs that spell out any words you like

3) Bottle Bristle Trees

4) Cream SMEG kettle

5) Canisters for hot chocolate or treats

6) Paper snowflakes

7) Festive tea towel

I got battery operated tea lights to go in the ceramic houses and used these fairy lights to bring even more magic to this corner.

Paper snowflakes hung on a branch makes the perfect tablescape decor!- captured by @janetkwan

I put together some tablecloths and decor to help you get started on building a similar look as this tablescape I put together last year. The exact tablecloth sold out in a matter of days but here are some similar ones and others I bought myself.

1) This checkered tablecloth that looks really similar to the one above.

2) Budget friendly linen blend tablecloth

3) Linen table cloths

4) Paper snowflake garland in neutral

5) Paper snowflake garland in white

6) Large neutral paper snowflake

7) Large white paper snowflake

8) This pretty bubble cake stand

9) Santa clear glass mug! So cute

10) Gingerbread door mat - I love this

And here are some new decor that I love too. I got two strands of those glass mercury garlands and plan to dismantle them to use on the tree for a bit of old world sparkle.

1) Mercury glass garland

2) Cypress garland

3) Bottle bristle tree in white and silver

4) Mini Primrose mirror

5) Snowflake ornaments

6) Ceramic houses- handmade look

7) Ceramic houses- clean cut look

8) Cozy tea towel

If you're in Canada like me and can't get your hands on a Primrose mirror, we can finally order a miniature version of it in the size of an ornament haha!!

I always look forward to decking the halls during Christmas and this year will be even more special because I'll be able to host my family at the new house. I'm really looking forward to it. But a gentle reminder that Christmas isn't about all the glitz and pretty decor no matter how cozy. So don't get too down on yourself if you won't be able to "go all out" or purchase new decor.

We'll be doing tons of DIYS again this year and this time I'm hoping that I'll be able to blog instructions on these projects we do together here as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I can't wait to do Christmas with you!



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