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#CHEAPANTHROTHRILLS- Affordable Gallery Walls

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

I'm all about the DIYS on a budget that can be accomplished in two hours or less. Here's a project that I can file under #cheapanthrothrills. These are the projects that give that coveted Anthropologie vibes without breaking the bank.

Photo Credit to Janet Kwan

Next time you find a cute calendar buy it, enjoy it for the calendar year as they were meant to be used for. But after the year is done, don't throw them out! Save them to frame. Calendar art is beautiful, inexpensive and usually comes in a cohesive theme and style so they work out perfectly for an affordable gallery wall!

My favourite is the Rifle Paper Co calendars. I've saved up to four to date and use them throughout the house.


Besides calendars, I like to look for beautiful packaging in the form of a paper shopping bag, wallpaper or even wrapping paper. Throw them in a frame and you get instant art! You just have to keep an eye out and an open mind. You'll be surprised how many things can be framed and look lovely.

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