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Cheap and Easy Dorm/Bedroom Makeover Ideas

With the school year just starting, I wanted to give you guys the easiest and most affordable way to make over a room on the fly! There are no power tools or even paint involved in this makeover!

First up! Let's take a look at your textiles.

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

Let's dress up your curtains with some pom poms! All I did here was arm myself with a hot glue gun and a garland of black pom poms that I've snipped off individually.

To be honest, I didn't even take my curtains down from the rod to do this! I counted how many pom poms I had and eyeballed how far I wanted the spacing to be accordingly. Then I just glued them on!

It's simple and adds the easiest touch of whimsy to what was boring white curtains.

Ok, now that the curtains have been addressed, let's look at your bedding. Grab a throw and add some tassels to them! I've got a DIY highlight on how to make them. You can even add tassels to your pillows!

Dressing up the walls.

Photo credit: Janet Kwan

I've written a quick blog post on five ways you can mimic the look of wallpaper here but for this quick make over I simply used a roll of washi tape. You can also use electric tape if you want but I'm not sure if it'll lift your wall paint so be weary of that one.

Here I chose to make some easy cross patterns on the wall. No measurements required! I used a hard cover book as a template for the length of my tape and cut a bunch at a time. Then I free handed the placements!

You can make many designs with washi tape. I've seen Vs, dashes, crosses, Xs. And they all look so good! All the price of some washi tape!


If you want to keep this super budget friendly, I recommend my tried and true trick of creating a gallery wall with a calendar. I love doing this because calendars have 12 beautiful, high quality prints already and it usually has a cohesive theme or colour story.

Photo Credit: Janet Kwan

Another effective way to create a gallery wall is to use magazine full page editorials. I've seen some amazing feature walls covered in magazine prints and it is gorgeous.

I've also dissected a big poster into nine even sizes and framed them as a gallery wall in my old house. The effects were striking and enlarged the art piece without paying for large scale artwork!

Hope you guys got some tips on how to change up your room on a small budget that is super DIY friendly!

Thanks for reading! Let me know some of your tricks to makeover a room!


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