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Bedroom Refresh with Mitzi

New year, new bedroom! But that doesn't mean you have to change up everything in your bedroom to get that fresh new feeling! For this bedroom mini makeover, the jumping point were the lights!

I am so happy that I got to partner with Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting for this sponsored bedroom revamp and they have the most amazing selection of lighting. Truth be told, I have been hankering after them for a while so when they reached out, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to change every light in the house with Mitzi’s lighting but we'll start with our bedroom.

I want the first thing I see when I open my eyes to be the jewel that is this light. I love that this Estee light has encased the light bulbs in a frosted glass globe that softens and diffuses the light in this bedroom. Bonus points for the Estee light because it houses three light three bulbs!

I have low ceilings so this light fixture makes an impact without drowning the space. It's the perfect scale!

Next, I chose the Patti sconce because they are simply stunning. I love this classic silhouette that is making a comeback. The light turns on with a pull string and that little detail makes me so happy because it looks like jewelry to me. Haha!

I really like the brushed bronze they chose on these fixtures. It adds a touch of sparkle and romance. Plus, they swivel so you can adjust them to your needs!

They are not only pleasing to the eye but they also help me save space on my tiny night stand. This wall mounted sconce is a plug in, therefore negating the need to hire out an electrician! Score!

To complete my bedroom refresh, I finally got some artwork to replace my own DIY that was always a little wonky. They were meant to hold the place for when I found the right artwork!

You can always purchase and download inexpensive digital art and print it out at your leisure. A helpful tip for you: Create a mood board to visualize the artwork together if you are creating a gallery wall to make sure the style and colours are cohesive.

One last way to make a bedroom feel new is to just change up the bedding! I chose a neutral yet rich colour pallet to give a cozy feeling to our master bedroom.

This has been the simplest room refresh I have ever done and it feels like a completely different bedroom! I am so pleased to have worked with Mitzi and I am totally in love with my lights!

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