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An Ode to Under-appreciated Household Items

I don’t know if it’s the quarantine talking or if I’m learning to appreciate the little things. But it’s probably a bit of both. I've been looking at my home a little differently lately and I wanted to write an ode to the everyday items that get overlooked and are under appreciated. I don’t know about you, but my home and it is working overtime right now.

And I think they deserved to be in the spotlight and lauded with praise too. So without further ado, here are some of the items that I have recently been thanking (think Marie Kondo style.)

1) Microfiber cloths

I don’t know how I’ve ever done without micro-fiber cloths! They are magical and beat regular cloths by a LAND SLIDE! They pick up everything and leave not dust behind. I definitely feel like I use less elbow grease while cleaning!

For those wondering, I use the Norwex micro fiber cloths (this is in no way sponsored) and it is my first experience with microfiber in general so I wonder if I buy regular microfiber cloths and if they’ll work just as well. Someone let me know in the comments. :D

2) Stainless Steel Garbage Cans

I LOVE MY SIMPLE HUMAN GARBAGE CANS. There I said it. Some of you may think I’m going nuts but for real. These bad boys have held up so good in the two years we’ve had them and totally worth the money. We have two, one for garbage and one for recycling.

I love how they look, they’re slim yet holds quite a bit. And the foot pedestal is amazing. It has held up so well and there is no smudges on the finish.

3) Shower Rack

Also by Simple Human. I decided that this time, we were going to invest in a really good shower caddy that will not rust, stain or fall over. And this has held up for over two years we’ve been living here.

It was super easy to install and it is slim and holds all our products. Basically, it does it’s job so well I forget about until I clean and that’s when I marvel at how it doesn’t need any maintenance while still looking good.

I use to cheap out and buy the stainless steel stuff that ALWAYS rusts. But not this guy. Isn’t that all we want in a shower caddy anyway? Hold our stuff without falling over, not look ugly AND not rust?!

4) Cordless Vaccum

This thing is amazing. I have the Dyson V8. I have never owned another cordless vacuum so I cannot vouch that this is the best. But also, this is the best. Hahaha! We’ve owned this for four years now and it has held up great!

I have owned a roller ball Dyson in the past, and also have the upright Dyson but we never touch it anymore once the cordless vacuum entered our lives.

Granted, my house isn’t very big, it’s about 1700 sq feet but it vacuums the entire house on one charge (not at Max level) and it makes the task of cleaning way less daunting. I use to hate vacuuming because I had to plug and unplug and de-tangle myself out of the cords.

So thank you cordless vacuum. I love you.

5) Sippy Cup with Straw

This is what my husband calls my water bottle. It’s from Starbucks. It’s pink, has rainbows and hearts all over it and it has a straw. I don't have a link for that. But I would imagine that any cup with a straw would work. Don't knock it till you try it!

My water consumption has soared since I first bought it at the beginning of this year. Something about drinking out of a straw makes me reach for it more! It’s probably because I always spill water down my shirt when I drink out of a regular cup.

I’m a child at heart. LOL

6) Hand Mixer

Ummmmm I have to give a shout out to my hand mixer! I know we have “all the time in the world” right now but who really wants to whip for five minutes for the trendy whipped coffee effect.

I know I don’t. I tried. I gave up and went back to the hand mixer. So shout out to my Kitchen Aid hand mixer of 5 years strong. You are easier to use than my big stand mixer and way lighter. Props to you, now I can pretend that I ordered and over priced coffee every morning but at a fraction of the cost.

7) Google Home System

I don’t know what I would do without my wireless speakers and Google Home system anymore. I talk to it almost as much as I converse with my husband. And the Google Home system is way more responsive. (No shade at K but this is capital T Truth ok?!)

Like, it answers my questions right away, mostly I just ask Google what the weather is like outside and to play me my favourite playlist.

If you're curious, I have "The Moon is Calling" playlist on Spotify on repeat. 80% off the time, I'm listening to it pretending I'm in a cafe sipping on my whipped coffee that I didn't have to pay $9 for.

8) Marshall speaker

How can I not give this bad boy a shout. IT IS SO AESTHETIC. I'm not an expert at audio sound equipment but I think it sounds pretty darn good but it LOOKS even better. And we all know how that's super important to me sooooo, yeah! A shelfie item that is functional and beautiful. WIN- WIN right?!

9) Smart Switches

Because I'm blind as a bat, the smart switch in my bedroom gets a huge shout out. I just yell at Google and she turns on the bedside table light for me. I don't like turning on my ceiling light at night because it is superrrr bright and I like to create a sleepy mood before bed.

The smart switches have saved my toes and knees from bumping into the dark and it is my favourite under rated thing in my house I think.

10) Britta Filter/ Water Jug

Last but not least, we have been using our Brita filter like crazy at thekwendyhome. Fun fact, in Toronto, we have amazing water filtration systems and we technically don't need to filter our water. We just do because we grew up doing it. BUTTTT the container of this Brita is amazing!

It's slim, takes up very little fridge space and we find it so convenient to take it out for gatherings and parties. I love the spout and the design of it because it fits in our fridge.

We opted for a fridge without a water spout because we didn't like it taking up a lot of real estate. With this Brita filter/ jug we are able to have a cold water dispenser inside the fridge that is also portable and removable!

And there you have it! A gratitude blog post about all the under rated things I love in my house right now! That was really fun to write and Marie Kondo would be proud of me.

What is something that you love that doesn't get enough appreciation? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading and stay safe guys!


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