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5 Ways to Be Greener

This isn't a preachy post. These are actionable items K and I have committed to reduce our ecological foot print. We know we can do more. But I wanted to share what we're doing in hopes to inspire you to pick an area in your life you can change.

1) Reducing one time use plastic.

  • Instead of plastic bags, we've been using reusable bags.

  • I don't use the thin plastic baggies to collect produce anymore. I just put it in the cart and into my reusable bag once I've paid for it.

  • Less cling wrap. We've been transitioning to beeswax paper.

  • I'm putting it in writing that I'm going to get a reusable cup for my tea purchases at Starbucks.

It's insane how my choice for convenience in a plastic bag would take YEARSSSS to decompose. Once I realized that, it made me way more conscientious of how I consume one time use plastics!

2) Buy refillable products

  • I've been buying glass/amber jars and refilling our soaps, earth safe cleaning products that are concentrate and mixing it on our own.

  • Buy in bulk when you can to reduce packaging waste. We buy huge bags of nuts instead of the prepackaged snack size.

3) Cleaning/ Household Products

  • Choosing greener options. I've been using Mrs. Meyers because they are almost exclusively plant based.

  • Wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener

  • Change our light bulbs to LED

  • Smart Home Temperature Control (this helps regulate our AC and Heating Unit so we use less energy)

4) Diet

  • Reduced meat intake.

  • Cook in batches

  • Don't over buy groceries

  • Eat all our leftovers

  • Freeze what we don't eat

5) Recycle

  • Follow your city's recycling program

  • Rinse out food containers before recycling

  • Sort garbage, recycling and compost properly

K and I respect the recycling program our city implements. By sorting our trash and compost we are doing our part in making the system work!

I know we're still a long ways off but it takes a million people to do something small instead of one person doing a million things.

What are some ways that you are trying to live a greener lifestyle?

Thanks for reading!


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