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5 Tips to Set a Stunning Tablescape

I partnered with Spoonflower to bring this sponsored tablescape post to you. Before I get started on the tips, I want to introduce you all to Spoonflower! They are a company that helps make your pattern designs come true! You can design your own print or pick a beautiful custom design fro an independent designer and turn it into a wallpaper, fabric, and home decor!

You can shop over 1 million designs on the Spoonflower Marketplace! And my favourite part aside from the beautiful designs is that when you order from a designer, you are supporting an independent artist.

I'm so pleased that Spoonflower asked me to be part of their exciting launch to introduce their dining products! So without further ado, here are my 5 tips to set a stunning tablescape because a meal is a feast for the eyes as well as for your tummy.

Tip #1)

Decide on a colour scheme by picking out the base for your tablescape. You can start with choosing either a tablecloth, table runner or place mat as your base.

Here is the Dear Clementine in action!

For this tablescape, I decided on warm fall colours to welcome the change of season. I chose this beautiful Dear Clementine pattern as a tablecloth from Spoonflower to set the stage.

Tip #2)

Mix textures and patterns for visual interest. You can do this by adding pillows, throws, and napkins.

Here, I pull the orange from the Dear Clementine tablecloth and repeat it in a grid pattern in these fluffy pillows. I chose this subtle grid pattern to ensure that I am not clashing with the stunning table cloth.

I also chose these napkins from Spoonflower that compliment the aqua hues of the leaves in the table cloth. By picking a classic pattern such as stripes in the same colour family, I add a different pattern without visually interrupting the colour scheme.

It is also important to break up the pattern with some negative space when you have lots of pattern as well. For this reason, I chose classic white dishes and simple glasses to offset the other beautiful patterns in this tablescape.

Tip #3)

Add warmth to draw your dinner guest in to a intimate setting with candles, twinkle lights or some warm metallic accents.

This is such a simple way to add some twinkle into your table setting without thinking too hard! You can opt to use delicate wired twinkle lights run on batteries if you want to avoid open flames.

Another way to add warmth is by using some gold or brass metallic accents. I chose gold utensils and candle sticks for this reason.

Tip #4)

Floral arrangements add life to your table. It can also be another way to add texture to your tablescape while complimenting your colour scheme.

For this fall tablescape, I chose delicate white flowers and big cheery sunflowers to really bring fall into the home. Remember to mix in some greenery with your flowers as well!

Tip #5)

Add height to your tablescape.

I did this by incorporating tall tapered candle sticks in bronze to compliment the flatware. You can also choose cake stands or in my case a three tier display to take advantage of vertical space when presenting your food.

Another great way to draw the eye up is by hanging decor from above. You can always opt to add bunting or tassels to make everything more festive.

I'm not a good cook but having a beautiful tablescape will totally dress up the simplest meals into a feast! I guess that's the biggest hack of all. Distract your guest with a beautiful presentation and the food will just be a bonus! hahaha!!!

Now you know all my secrets.

Thanks for reading and thank you to Spoonflower for partnering up with me for this fun blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Check out Spoonflower for more beautiful prints and designs. You don't have to use their products to dress up a table, your imagination is the limit and that's what's awesome!

Have fun!

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