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5 Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

This post is not sponsored whatsoever. I'm not baller like that. I was inspired to jot down my five favourite gadgets that make my life easier after doing a clean with me video on Instagram.

Full disclosure, I used affiliated links. All it means is that I get a small commission if you buy using the link I provided at no cost to you. No pressure to buy from the links or even use the exact same brand, no one paid me to write this blog post. And as always, make sure to research to see if these products fit your lifestyle.

Ok, now that all that is out of the way! Let's go! Here are the top 5 pieces of technology that I can no longer live without now!

#1) August Smart Lock

Number one on my list. A smart lock! We use the August Smart Lock at thekwendyhome and this bad boy allows us to travel without our house key. The smart lock detects when we are in range and unlocks our door when we pull into the garage!

I love not having to fumble around for keys or even enter numbers into a keypad. And an added bonus, we don't even have to get up from inside the house to unlock the door. I can do it on my phone where ever I am. Plus, you can give access to your family and friends. But never fear, you can give them a time limit on unlock function.

It has saved me quite a few times when I needed someone to get something in my house or when my friends get to my place before I do!

#2) Shark Steam Mop

My mom introduced me to the Shark Steam Mop and I have only good things to say about it.

It cleans with steam which means that I don't use cleaning products! And it dries pretty much right away so no slippery floors or fear of ruining your laminate/ hardwood!

All you have to do is fill it with water, plug it in and go. The pads are detachable so you can give them a quick wash in the laundry or even by hand.

I love that it is so environmentally friendly! Highly recommend a steam mop. (Doesn't have to be this one to be honest!)

#3) Electric Kettle

We don't own this model, but it sure is pretty.

OK, I know this is kind of weird to some of you. I feel like a lot of Canadian households have electric kettles in their home. But I was very surprised to learn that this is not a common house hold appliance!

We use our electric kettle every day. Makes boiling water so much faster and it's so convenient. Ours isn't the Smeg, although someday I would like to own one. But I can't write a post about gadgets/ kitchen appliances without including this in! It would seem sacrilegious to me!

#4) Dyson Wireless Vacuum

I have vacuumed way more often when we switched over to the Dyson Wireless Vaccum. We got a Dyson Big Ball Multi floor model as a wedding present years ago. It was powerful butttttt it was cumbersome to use.

We still have the big guy but the V8 does the job just as well while being portable and light weight. I don't think we used the Dyson Big Ball after the cordless vacuum entered into my life.

And the floors have never looked so clean since.

#5) Spiralizer

This is the most gimmicky gadget on this list but I use the spiralizer so often!

If you want to reduce carb intake, this is the device for you. My husband doesn't like to eat carbs so whenever I cook pasta, I use to shred zuchinni with a peeler. It was a work out.

I finally caved and bought one of these guys for $20 and it makes zoodles in seconds! You can even shred other veggies to make cool looking shapes for salads.

Well! I hope I introduced some new products to you! These are some of my favourite gadgets in my house and they have seriously added real value to my life so I thought I'd share them with you too.

Thanks for reading!



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