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5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Plants into Your Life

I partnered with Herbal Essences who also believes in the positive power of plants to bring you this blog post. I only partner with brands I love and all opinions are my own.

Plants play a huge part in my life because they force me to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. In fact, I consider plant care as a form of self-care, especially during these stressful times. There is something very powerful and positive when you nurture a plant and they flourish under your care.

I think that’s why I incorporate so many plants into my life. They cheer me up and bring so much vibrancy into a space! That’s why I want to share five easy ways to incorporate more plants into your life!

1) Decorate with plants with a plant curtain!

You can achieve this look in two ways. Hang your trailing plants on your existing curtain rod for an instant lush wall of greenery. I love this method because you don't have to drill any holes and the plants dig the sunlight.

Another way you can install your own plant curtain without getting in the way of your drapes is to affix c hooks into your ceiling. If you don't want to create any holes, consider using a heavy duty adhesive hook made for your ceiling!

After you put your hooks up, just hang up your plants for an instant living curtain! You can personalize your plant curtains by using different planters that suit your style. I love macramé hangers because they add a boho feel to any room! I personally think that a trailing plant like a pothos or an English ivy look fantastic in a macramé hangers, but you could put any plant in that suits your fancy!

2) Bring Plants into Your Shower!

Plants are an instant mood lifter, which is why I love my shower experience with Herbal Essences’ bio:renew Potent Aloe Collection.

I love how they smell but more than that, I am so excited that they’ve created a formula using sustainably harvested aloe and real botanicals endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, a world leader in plant science!

Plus they are sulfate, paraben, dye and colorant free. And most importantly, endorsed by PETA to be cruelty free!

You’ll be happy to know that it is perfectly safe for coloured hair and they make my hair feel so soft. My favourite product in their selection is the Herbal Essences Hemp Seed Oil and Aloe Lightweight Hair Oil Mist.I use it to mist my hair after using the Potent Aloe & Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner and before I blow dry to detangle and fight frizz. It keeps my hair hydrated and adds shine too! It is lightweight and smells amazing. I hope you give it a try!

3) Plant Shelfie

Another way to incorporate more plants into your home is to simply pop one up on a shelf! Let the beautiful foliage trail down a bookcase, mantle or a kitchen shelf/cabinet!

I promise you that this one addition will add so much life and vibrancy into your space. When you put a trailing plant on your shelf, it will help to break up the lines of your decor. Think of it this way, your shelf allows you to decorate horizontally, but when you add a trailing plant, you are encouraging the viewer's eyes to cascade down and break up the horizontal lines!

4) Plants as Decor

Plants are living decor and you can personalize the accessories that a plant comes in. You can dress your plant up to suit your aesthetics and budget! Consider a plant stand, a basket, a macrame hanger or even a terracotta pot as a decor element.

Planters can become expensive the bigger the plant is. Try using a basket for your plant. I love the natural texture it brings into a space.

Another reason why I love using baskets for my plants is because they are inexpensive and make watering my plants easy. I just pull out the plant and water them in the sink and then put it back in when the plant finishes draining.

If you have smaller plants, use terracotta plant pots! They are super budget friendly and easily accessible- I get mine from the dollar store. Having them grouped together in varying sizes can make a beautiful centerpiece or display.

To jazz it up, you can paint your plant pot or leave it natural and use a chalk marker to write your favourite positive quote on them!

5) Propagation Station

I've recently started propagating my plants. For those who don't know, propagating is when you take a cutting of your plant to root in a jar of water.

It's really simple! All you have to do is take a pair of clean scissors, snip off a stem from your plant four inches just below a leaf. Put them in a glass of water and place them on your window sill and watch them take root!

You’ll be celebrating every new leaf and watching all the little roots grow.

I love decorating this way because I'm simultaneously growing more plants and the variations of clear glasses along my window sill makes for a very pretty sight.

You can use pretty wine glasses, mason jars or even vases to do this! The look of it is very whimsical and effortless.

I’ve benefited so much from adding plants into my life and have seen such a positive impact.

I hope you’ll consider incorporating plants into your life and your self care routine too!

Thanks for reading!



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