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5 Easy, Cheap, and DIY-able Wallpaper

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This blog is not a drill. And this title is not click bait! I'm going to share 5 easy, cheap and diy-able wallpaper ideas that are going to blow your mind. Wallpaper seems to be all the rage now since they've figured out how to make it so that we don't want to tear our hair out when we remove it. With the invention of peel and stick wallpaper, it has once again become a fixture in people's home.

Having said that, wall paper is so darn expensive! And it is a real process to put it up. But never fear my friends. I have some awesome solutions that you may want to check out!

My Washi Tape Wall captured by Janet Kwan

1) Washi Tape

You can use washi tape to make simple or intricate patterns on your wall! I opted to do plus signs in the guest room but you could do arrows, x's or any pattern with any colour you want.

It's super affordable and this wall only took two rolls of black washi tape at $3 bucks each. That's a whole wall for a whopping $6! That's the kind of math I like.

Word of caution though, I found some bits of the tape tend to roll up if you handle it too much. But that's the nature of washi tape! And it also means it's renter friendly. There is no sticky residue or paint lifted when you take it off! So I say that's a fair trade off.

2) Stamping

This is exactly what it sounds like. I carved my own stamp pattern and used a traditional ink pad to stamp my wall in the laundry room (clothing pin stamp) and the powder room (bee stamp) in my first house.

If you're not up for making your own stamp, you can always buy one online! It's really simple and I just eyeballed the stamping process!

If you want to read the step by step process click here for the tutorial by Shehzeen!

3) Wall Decal Stickers

Designed by @makemovesvintage with Urban Walls decals

Companies are starting to make stickers for your walls! It does cost a little more than washi tape or a stamp but it is really fool proof and you can get more intricate patterns.

Featured on the left is an example of a sticker application for a feature wall! All you need to do is literally peel and stick!

This one has caught my eye for the citrus theme (And I feel like everyone knows I have a slight obsession with orange fruits.) I'm still trying to figure out how to corporate this fun pattern in my home!

4) Paint

Paint a focal point!

I feel like paint is a very obvious choice and the colour blocking rage has swept through the niche of home decor on Instagram. And it makes total sense why it's become such a trend.

It's super easy and you can do so many variations of this! Add a shelf in front of a simple shape and layer with some art, and BOOM you have yourself a fantastic wall feature.

I've seen people do all sorts of shapes and patterns with just tape! The key to this one is to use it as a layering piece (kind of like a rug in a room) and layer interesting things in front of it that juxtapose your painted shape. The sky is the limit on this one!

5) Stencils

My stencil wall captured by Janet Kwan

Last but not least is the stencil. I was inspired by Julia from Cuckoo4design to do this exact stencil she did in her bathroom. She has a super detailed blog post about it here. I followed her instructions to the tee and I think this is my favorite wall in the world.

This was the biggest impact and most wallpaper-like out of the five faux wallpaper diys I've showed you. But I'm not going to lie, this is also the hardest one.

Having said that, it is way cheaper than purchasing a wallpaper like this. All it took was an $80 stencil and two water based sharpies. And five days of stenciling spaced out so I didn't go permanently crossed eyed.

No pain no gain right?

Let me know if you guys attempt to do any of the faux wallpaper alternatives!

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